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Spicy chicken Colombo

Spicy chicken Colombo

Sweet potato & zucchini
Nutri-score A
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An emblematic dish of the West Indies, colombo was imported there by Indians "engaged" in British colonization. So, on the one hand, it's a local spice blend and, on the other, an Indian recipe!

Ingredients Origins %
Chicken (thigh) France 26%
Sweet potato United States 20%
Agria potato Switzerland 13%
Courgette Spain 13%
Onion red Switzerland 8%
Water Switzerland 7%
Coconut milk Thailand 6%
Onion Switzerland 1%
Garlic Spain 1%
Lime Brazil 1%
Colombo spices Martinique 1%
Chili pepper France 1%
Olive oil Italy 1%
Corn starch Switzerland 1%
Coriander Italy <1%
Cumin France <1%
Caraway France <1%
White Salt Switzerland <1%
T55 wheat flour Switzerland <1%
Macronutrients 440g 330g
Calories 473kcal 355kcal
Fat 20g 15g
- Saturated fatty acids 8g 6g
Carbohydrates 33g 25g
- Sugar 10g 8g
Protein 36g 27g
Dietary fibre 8g 6g
Salt 1g 1g
Micro-nutrients 440g 330g
Calcium 148mg 111mg
Copper 0mg 0mg
Iron 5mg 4mg
Magnesium 110mg 83mg
Potassium 1 244mg 933mg
Zinc 4mg 3mg
Omega 3 0mg 0mg
Vitamin A 9,623µg 7 217µg
Vitamin C 29mg 22mg
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Frequently asked questions

Will I have enough to eat?

Simple answer: yes!

Our main courses are usually available in 2 different sizes (300-350g and 400-450g), so we can cater for the needs and appetites of as many people as possible!

If you'd like to spice up your meal, and in the interests of a balanced diet, choose a piece of seasonal fruit and a yoghurt (vegan?).

How are the dishes packed?

To preserve their organoleptic and nutritional qualities, our dishes are packaged in jars. They are then delivered fresh in isothermal cartons. Freshness guaranteed on arrival!

Some dishes may be packed in vacuum bags, in which case this will be indicated on the description sheet.

Don't forget to put them in the fridge!

Where and when do you deliver?

All over Switzerland, from Tuesday to Saturday!

Your meals are delivered via La Poste (or any other carrier, on a case-by-case basis), to the address of your choice (office, home, etc.).

You can choose the delivery date that suits you best at the checkout stage of your shopping basket.

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Don't forget: your meals can be stored in the fridge several weeks after receipt!
You'll have plenty of time to enjoy them!

Can I pick up my packages directly on site?

Yes, absolutely!

All you have to do is select the "On-site pick-up" option at the shopping cart validation stage, choose the date and time slot that suits you best, then click on "On-site pick-up" at the next stage.

Further instructions will be sent to you in the order confirmation e-mail.

How can I reheat my meals?

In the pan
5-10 minutes over medium heat (add a dash of water if necessary)

3 to 5 minutes
(depending on your appliance - pour the ingredients into a suitable dish beforehand)

We also recommend reheating certain dishes in a conventional oven (15 min. at 180°C) or bain-marie (8-10 min.), which will be specified on the label anyway.