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  • Article du journal Blick

    "The other night at our house, it was "potato tortilla with greens, broccoli cream". A comforting, beautifully presented dinner that took... five minutes of work. I'm not saying that to show off. No, because I had nothing to do with it: that's how long it took me to heat it all up on a plate in the microwave. And the best part is that it was good."

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  • Article du Gault&Millau

    "To finally taste the dishes signed bien Bon, just follow the instructions on the label, set up your plate, and enjoy. In season, the venison stew with lardons and small onions is proposed with spätzlis (homemade, of course!). After five days in the fridge, nothing has lost its flavor, and the gourmet food goes wonderfully well with a tender meat whose cooking has nothing to envy to a civet minute."

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  • Article du journal Le Temps

    "In the kitchen: Julian Knipper, who previously worked in several starred French kitchens, such as the Hôtel de Crillon and La Grande Cascade in Paris. At the helm: Sébastien Potet, a converted financier, and Harold Hunziker, a food executive for the past twenty-five years. [...] The trio's ambition is to offer Switzerland prepared meals that are good, healthy, sustainable, diversified, easy to prepare and affordable.."

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Nature morte de légumes crus

A word about our approach to sustainability

In our opinion, a good dish can only be cooked with good products.

That's why we only work with seasonal ingredients, mostly sourced in Switzerland.

To contribute to the adoption of sustainable eating habits, the number of dishes containing animal proteins is limited, in line with the recommendations of the Swiss Society of Nutrition and the findings of the IPCC.

Food waste during preparation is also minimal (not to say virtually non-existent), and extended use-by dates are here to help reduce food waste.

Last but not least, the packaging of your bien Bon dishes has been selected to reach the best compromise between weight / size / quality / hygiene / durability.

In short, the environmental footprint of our food is at the heart of the bien bon project!

Pour en savoir plus...
  • Google 5 star rating

    Laurent G.

    "No disappointment since I ordered, I like everything, superb.
    Just a quick feedback: chakchouka with greens of the moment and purple potatoes. So this chakchouka thing.... It's a killer!!! It's really really really good, with a little turkey ballotine I overenjoyed it last night. Bravo.
    Congratulations. Put this back on the Menu anytime!!!"

  • Google 5 star rating

    Ariane M.

    "Your dishes are delicious (my 2-year-old daughter, who used to put 90% of the little dishes I lovingly cooked ... on the floor, spends the whole meal saying "c'est beau! c'est crocro beau!" [understand "that's so so so so good"] and asks for more!) and we, well, it changes our lives, evenings are much more relaxed! So we're really delighted!"

  • Google 5 star rating

    Raphaël P.

    "Excellent. You listen to us, you have the commercial sense to add from time to time products to taste (thank you for the granola), you have the good philosophy to always try to reach the less waste and the less impacting for the climate.

    I really appreciate your information on the pouches, it allows me to calculate precisely and without taking my head off my daily intake (I have a particular sports diet).

    And finally it's good, it's varied and it feels like home-made food (not fast food delivery). My wife also likes it a lot, we feel like we have a chef at home, it's fantastic."

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Frequently asked questions

Will I have enough to eat?

Simple answer: yes!

Our main courses are usually offered in 2 different sizes (300-350g and 400-450g), so we can cater for everyone's appetite and needs!

If you'd like to spice up your meal, also in the interests of a balanced diet, choose a piece of seasonal fruit and a yoghurt (vegan?).

You display a nutri-score on your dishes, but what does it actually mean?

The nutri-score informs you of the nutritional quality of our dishes.

It was designed as part of the National Nutrition and Health Program launched by our French neighbors a few years ago, and was adopted by the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs in 2019.

The rating scale ranges from A to E.

Okay, but how is a product's score calculated?
The score of each dish takes into account, per 100 grams, the content:
- in nutrients and foods to be favored, namely fiber, proteins, fruits and vegetables;
- in nutrients to be limited, i.e. saturated fat, sugars, salt and more globally the kilojoules of the dish.

After calculation, the score obtained by a dish is used to assign a letter (from A to E) and a color (from green to red).

Great, I only have to eat 100% nutri-score A to have a healty diet!
Hop hop hop! Not so fast! The nutri-score is a very useful indicator, but it is not without imperfections:

- first of all, it does not take into account the additives and preservatives added to the dishes
=> good news, we don't use any;

- secondly, it is calculated for 100g, which means that a dish containing 800 kilocalories could have the same score as a dish containing 300 kilocalories
=> the nutri-score is therefore not, by itself, a guarantee of a balanced diet.

So what is the point?
Simply to guarantee that our dishes are healthy, compared to other products.

If I feed myself 100% "bien Bon", is it enough to have a balanced diet?

Our offer aims to accompany you in this process!

We have also built our dishes to respect the right balance of fats / carbohydrates / proteins (not to mention the other macro & micro-nutrients) and present an intake that varies between 300 and 600 kilocalories. It is up to each person to supplement according to their needs.

In order to reinforce the nutritional balance of your meals, we recommend that you add:
- water (important!);
- fruit (in season) for vitamins;
- dairy products (or plant-based equivalent) for calcium.

Remember, a "balanced" diet should be appreciated:
- considering the specific nutritional needs of each person (depending on height, gender, weight, age, professional activity, sports activity, resting metabolism, etc.);
- taking into consideration the meals and foods consumed throughout the day; and
- over the long term (eating healthy and balanced food on Mondays only does not count!).

How are the dishes packed?

To preserve their organoleptic and nutritional qualities, our dishes are packaged in jars. They are then delivered fresh in isothermal cartons. Freshness guaranteed on arrival!

Some dishes may be packed in vacuum bags, in which case this will be indicated in the product description.

Don't forget to put them in the fridge!

How can I reheat my meals?

In the pan
5-10 minutes over medium heat

3 to 5 minutes
(depending on your appliance - pour the ingredients into a suitable dish beforehand)

We also recommend reheating certain dishes in a conventional oven (15 min. at 180°C) or bain-marie (8-10 min.), which will be specified on the label anyway.

Where and when do you deliver?

All over Switzerland, from Tuesday to Saturday!

Your meals are delivered via La Poste (or any other carrier, on a case-by-case basis), to the address of your choice (office, home, etc.).

You can choose the delivery date that suits you best at the checkout stage of your shopping basket.

Orders placed from Monday to Friday
=> D+1 delivery available for orders placed before noon

Orders placed from Saturday to Sunday
=> Delivery from Tuesday of the following week

Delivery charges are degressive according to the value of your order: for example, they reach CHF9.90 for orders between CHF80 and CHF105, and are free for orders of CHF150 or more.

Finally, if you're not at home, your parcels will be deposited wherever the carrier deems most appropriate (in the entrance hall or under the letterboxes, for example). The isothermal packaging will keep them cool until you return the same day!

Don't forget: your meals can be stored in the refrigerator several weeks after receipt!
You'll have plenty of time to enjoy them!

Can I pick up my food at the store?

Yes, absolutely!

All you have to do is select the "Pick-up on site" option at the shopping basket validation stage, choose the date and time slot that suits you, then click on "Pick-up" at the next stage.

Further instructions will be sent to you in the order confirmation e-mail.

How do I change or cancel my order?

To modify or cancel your order, please send us your request by e-mail at the latest the day before the initially selected delivery/collection date, before noon:

Do you recover the jars?


We regularly insert return labels in our parcels so that you can send the jars back to us via the Post Office (or any other carrier).

Nothing could be simpler: keep a "bien Bon" isothermal box and insert as many jars as possible (cleaned beforehand)! Any other packaging elements (cardboard sleeves, ice packs) are also welcome!

We clean the jars then and reuse them!

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Any questions or suggestions? We are here to help you!