The Team

  • Portrait de Julian Knipper

    Julian, the Chef

    A hipster beard and skills too long to list here, Julian has worked in many starred kitchens (Hôtel de Crillon 2* or La Grande Cascade 1* in Paris, Romantik Hôtel de l'Etoile in Charmey). He is the guardian of the temple, meaning of everything that comes in and out of the kitchen, including the music playlist!

  • Portrait Harold Hunziker

    Harold, the Chairman

    He is the wise man of the team, the one who speaks 4 languages perfectly and whose experience makes everyone listens to him when it comes to making a strategic decision, solving any kind of problem or choosing the best Italian coffee!

  • Portrait de Sébastien Potet

    Sébastien, the Secretary

    A hoodie on his shoulders and a lot of ideas in his head, his day-to-day job is to make life easier for the team by taking care of (almost) everything that is not related to cooking (lucky for you!).

  • Trait de signature bien Bon vert

The bien Bon (r)evolution

A discussion over coffee between two people from Lausanne that starts with "What if... (like all great entrepreneurial stories), an unexpected meeting a few weeks later with a third party who answers "of course it's possible!", months of work, good news, not so good news, great people who come to support, advise, and encourage... This is how bien Bon was born.

  • Swiss flag

Our ambition: to offer a 5-legged sheep to Swiss residents, namely food that is good, healthy, sustainable, easy-to-eat and accessible to all. Big challenge!

We don't know yet how far this adventure will take us, but what is sure is that we will have put our heart into it, hoping to have lit a little spark for those who will have followed us!

Join us in this adventure!