Savoury recipe - Japanese cucumber salad

Absolutely simple and above all quick, this cucumber salad with its Japanese flavors (wasabi, wakame seaweed, sesame...) is perfect as an appetizer or with barbecued meat.

In many gourmet restaurants, when a customer orders a mixed salad, we use cookie cutters to make a beautiful, voluminous, pyramidal bouquet of vegetables. If you'd like to do the same, take a 10cm-diameter, 4cm-high cookie cutter, line it with parchment paper and superimpose 3 long, thin slices of cucumber cut with a mandolin. Of course, you can also do without this step - it's just as tasty!

The quantities in this recipe are calculated for a starter. If you want to make a meal of it, don't worry, multiply the proportions by 2.

- Chef Julian

  Japanese cucumber salad


Portions Preparation time
4 10min.



Cucumber (for thin slices), plus 600g
1 Onion red
100g Marinated wakame seaweed
1 tablespoon Black sesame seeds
1 tbsp
White sesame
10g (1/2 bunch) Fresh coriander, chopped
1 Medium carrot, julienned
3 tbsp Wasabi paste
6 tbsp Sesame oyster
4 tbsp Rice vinegar
- Dried chili pepper



Step 1/4

If you choose to dress as shown in the photo and as explained in the introduction, cut very thin, almost transparent slices of cucumber and line your pastry cutters.with parchment paper.

Otherwise, proceed directly to the next step.


Step 2/4

Cut the remaining 600g of cucumbers into cubes.

Add the wakame seaweed, sesame seeds, coriander and finely julienned carrots (thin sticks like matchsticks).


Step 3/4

In a small bowl, combine the wasabi, sesame oil, rice vinegar, chili pepper and salt. Salt and freshly ground pepper.

Whisk to form an emulsion and add to the cubed cucumber.


Step 4/4

Mix everything together and garnish the salads in the center of each circle.

Using a spatula, arrange them on a plate and remove the circle just before serving.

Garnish with thinly sliced red onions, coriander leaves and sprinkle with sesame seeds as desired.


And there you go, telling us all about it!


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