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Label Fait Maison

A diversified catalog of homemade dishes

Cooked by a Chef with a Michelin-starred background, from fresh ingredients with organoleptic qualities preserved thanks to low temperature cooking.

Healthy & balanced dishes

Our products contain no additives or preservatives, take into account the main food balances and benefit each from an A or B nutri-score.

Saumon suisse aux nouilles asiatiques et brocolis

An sustainable approach

We work with seasonal products, mostly local, and our dishes can be store up to 1 month thanks to vacuum pasteurization.

  • of your resources

    + Limited handlings
    + Space optimization

    + Reduced number of equipments

    + Streamlined team

  • Inventories

    + Shelf life of up to 1 month

    + Freezable products

    + Weekly delivery

  • Food cost

    + Price set for each product

    + Pre-portioned dishes

    + No more waste

    + Replicable at every POS

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