Savoury recipe - Balsamic-marinated iceberg hearts & chicken nuggets

Make the most of summer's beautiful days again with this revisited salad! It's simple, quick and delicious, and you can add chicken nuggets for even more pleasure.

My tip for this recipe? Use "panko" breadcrumbs for the nuggets. You'll find it in the Asian aisle. It's thicker than the classic breadcrumbs, but has the particularity of being much crispier. As they say, to try it is to adopt it!

For your salad to hold together well, you'll need to pay close attention to the direction in which you cut it, as well as to the selection of your iceberg lettuce: it's best to keep it small and firm. The earlier you pickle your salad, the better it will be.

- Chef Julian


Balsamic marinated iceberg heart with chicken nuggets  


Portions Preparation time
4 40min.



- Salad -

Small, firm iceberg lettuces
1 Cucumber, cut into small cubes
Cherry tomatoes, cut into 4 bunches
1 bunch onions, finely chopped
Bunch of red radishes, thinly sliced
10g Chervil, chopped
10g Basilchopped
5g Fresh parsley, chopped
8 tablespoons Balsamic vinegar
6 tbsp olive oil
1 tablespoon Mustard
Optional Chunks of vegetables, for garnish
- SaltPepper

- Nuggets -

Chicken strips
2 Eggs
150g Panko breadcrumbs
Rapeseed oil
- Saltpepper, spices




Step 1/9

Make the vinaigrette by mixing the mustard, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Season with salt and pepper, then halve the dressing.


Step 2/9

Slice your salad: visualize the base, cut off the end slightly, then cut two nice slices in the same direction. You need to cut through the thickness of the salad, so that all the leaves hang together.

One iceberg salad makes two portions.

Dake the slices in a dish and season.


Step 3/9

Take some of the vinaigrette and spread it over all the lettuce hearts, taking care to let it penetrate between the leaves.

Strain and chill.


Step 4/9

Mix the diced cucumber, the tomatoes cut into 4, the sliced red radishes and the bunch of sliced stem onions, then add the second part of your vinaigrette.

Add salt and pepper, stir and check the seasoning.

Set aside in a cool place.


Step 5/9

Prepare the breading for the nuggets.

In a soup plate or bowl, pour the flour, then in another bowl, the two beaten eggs.

In a final bowl, add the breadcrumbs.


Step 6/9

Season the chicken strips with Saltpepper and spices of your choice.


Step 7/9

Roll the chicken pieces in the flour, removing any excess (this helps the breadcrumbs stick better).

Dip them in the beaten eggs, making sure they are well coated, and finish by rolling them in the breadcrumbs.


Step 8/9

Using a non-stick frying pan (preferred), heat theRapeseed oil. Once hot, place your chicken nuggets in the pan and brown them well on both sides.

Remove to a paper towel and season to taste with salt and pepper.


Step 9/9

To dress: place your iceberg lettuce heart in the center of the plate, arrange the pickled vegetables on top and finish by adding the flavour-packed vinaigrette base around and on top of your salad.

Place your nuggets alongside or in small bowls. You can keep some vegetables for decoration (radishes, tomatoes, herbs).


And there you go, telling us all about it!


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